Story So Far

(Or "I'm too lazy to read the first comics")

Prologue -

Yaro and Nazuna are two odd-job mercenaries who really aren't very good at what they do. Nevertheless, they're always looking for a new challenge, and one day, a challenge presents itself - yes, folks, it's a giant killer Monty Python Bunny! Duhn-duhn-duuuuun! How do they handle it? You'll see soon enough.....


  • Nazuna (flower - "Shepard's Purse") - Although her personality seems to change sometimes, she enjoys making fun of the fact that Yaro looks like a girl (although it is partially her fault, because she picked their outfits) and she seems to be the smarter one of the pair. She's very headstrong and eager to take care of things right away, whether that's the best solution or not.

  • Yaro (literally "bastard" ;) ) - Yaro, unlike normal bishonen (pretty boys), is not very pretty; he looks like a girl but certainly not a pretty one. He doesn't act like one, either; he gets mad easily and enjoys eating a whole lot of stuff at one time. Despite often acting like a 6-year-old, Yaro may be mature in the future. (Even I don't know that yet...we'll see.)

  • (Can't say) - She's a little girl who can take care of herself, although she asks for bodyguards to watch her back. What is this little girl's secret?

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