Cleaning Up

1. When I start my comic, I first scan it at 300 DPI (dots per inch - it should be an option when scanning) and at Gamma 1.0 (not actually sure what that is...but it scans the image darker ^^). Then crop the image to about the size you want it to be. This is important, as you do not want to have to edit too much, or it'll be annoying.

2. Zoom in to 100% on your image. Preferably, choose a section to view that has a lot of contrast. Then go to the Enhance > Adjust Brightness/Contrast > Levels.

3. A window that looks like this should open up.

See that whatchamacallit that looks like a graph? Find the three triangles beneath it and pull the outer two towards the inside. Make sure they are at least within the range of the black graph.

This should brighten the whites and darken the darks of your image. Depending on what you're looking for in our image, toggle with these controls a little more; it's my personal tendency to pull them fairly far in.

4. Before you move on to the next PS tutorial, zoom in to about 200% and begin to manually fix any other little scratches. You can use the levels tool in selected areas (select using the marquee tool) to customize the levels to that section of the image.

That was simple enough, right? ^^ If you need any extra help, email me!

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